Reimagining Business Productivity with Desktop as a Service in 2021

  • 58
    min video
  • Vinod Jeyachandran
    CTO @ Anunta Tech
    Ashish Bambroo
    Senior Vice-President & GM @ Anunta Tech

The global pandemic has changed our lives and the way we work. As we enter 2021, businesses have to reimagine their digital workplace strategy and adopt the right technology that is sustainable, scalable and seamless for communication and collaboration.

Desktop-as-a-Service has emerged as a key technology that addresses the challenges of remote working while providing a secure work environment to the users at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Join Anunta Tech experts as they delve deeper into the changing needs of the workplace and share perspectives on how choosing the right technology is key to successful business growth in the year 2021.

You will learn
  • Benefits of cloud adoption through desktop as a service to promote business growth
  • How the pandemic pushed organizations to adopt remote working to keep their business operational
  • Why desktop virtualization is the best-equipped solution to solve the new issues created in the past year
  • Why Desktop as a Service is next up in addressing business’ needs for cost savings and employee productivity in the post-pandemic era
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