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We offer two types of subscriptions. Please see the feature comparison below.

If you are not sure which plan suits your requirements best,
schedule a consultation.

Cloud Hero ImageRemote Workplace


Starts at





Ideal for up to 4 users

Start with as low as a single user


Starts at



per desktop/month

Ideal for teams of 5 or more

Minimum 50 users required



VM resources shared between users of your organization for greater economy


Separate VM to create a dedicated desktop for better performance

Custom built

Enables customers to customize their desktops to cater to their exact compute requirements and use-cases


Bandwidth included

Includes unlimited bandwidth on all desktops

Backup included

Includes daily incremental backup leveraged from Azure backup services

Migration service included

Migrate your existing infrastructure(Cloud/On-premisis) to DesktopReady

Dedicated active directory and file server

Dedicated infrastructure components to build an independent DaaS setup


Pre-installed set of applications

Includes commonly used applications packaged into the desktops

Install custom applications

Flexibility to install any applications across the board

User management

Admin portal to manage user assignments

Admin portal for customers to independently handle E2E life cycle management

Usage analytics and monitoring

Patented AIOps platform, EuVantage®, providing deep cross-domain visibility


Support 8am – 8pm to IST ET

Helpdesk with comprehensive support for all end-user performance issues

Support 24/7

Helpdesk that is available 24×7 and Single point of accountability for all end-user performance issues

End-point and peripheral assistance

Pre-validated with a comprehensive set of end-points and peripherals, allowing users to easily access on the fly

10% discount on annual subscriptions